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Concept 1: Spectrum Marketing

When Inmarketing, a shopper marketing agency and parent company to Amp Agency, asked for a complete rebrand, they were aiming to redefine their reputation. Through a series of acquisitions, the agency’s focus now covers an entire spectrum of shopper marketing and advertising needs. This logo mark represents multiple agencies coming together to offer diversity, clarity and a new focus for the Inmarketing brand.

Concept 2: Vast Marketing

Amp Agency’s parent company, Inmarketing, challenged us to create a new brand identity that highlighted their numerous offerings. This mark shows a series of elements joining together with precision to create a simple geometric “S.” The two circle forms represent the two largest subsidiaries, while the smaller slices represent the departments within each agency that help to complete the image in its entirety.

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Concept 3: Sphere Collective

This mark for Amp Agency’s parent company, Inmarketing, shows just how large and limitless the company’s capabilities truly are. This relatively simple mark implies immense scale and professionalism without feeling overly corporate or uninviting.