Just For Men Brand Campaign
It takes a good man to admit he can always be better. And after a long, hard look in the mirror, we've decided to follow suit. To give compliments, and take more chances. To be kind, and courteous, to everyone. And to groom–every day and every way.
Since 1987, Just For Men –  the original men’s grooming brand – has been letting guys know it’s not only okay to care about their appearance, but to do something about it. Yet despite innovating and refining men’s hair care solutions for more than 30 years, Just For Men rarely created advertisements that weren’t product ­focused. Although this fixed style of advertising brought the brand success in the past, it ultimately posed a challenge for the brand as their portfolio expanded. So in order to reinforce the brand’s leadership role in the men’s grooming category, Just For Men gave themselves a brand makeover.

That’s why we teamed up with Just For Men to create the “Be The Better Man” brand platform. Driven by the belief that it takes a good man to know he can always be better, this new platform enabled just For Men to support product messaging while maintaining an overarching brand message and voice. “Be The Better Man” also lent itself to a comprehensive brand campaign that would not only build off Just For Men’s existing brand strengths, but attract the next generation of men to position the brand for future growth.
Production: Identity
Director: Phillip Andelman
Producer: Keeley Gould
Client: Just For Men
Agency: AMP Agency
Executive Creative Director: Colin Booth
Associate Creative Director: John DeGray
Copy Writer: Reilly Harmer
Graphic Designer: Todd Fenton
Content Creator: Pippa Holliday
Vice President: Ailine Tan
Account Supervisor: Nicole Sorice
Director Global Content Production: Carin Zakes

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