Post-pandemic, men’s grooming behaviors have gotten a little loose. Men are dying their hair less, and sales for men’s hair dye have been slow to recover. In an effort to reinvigorate the consumer, Just For Men asked us to create a spot for their turnkey men’s hair color solution, Easy Comb-in Color. 
With a new client team at the wheel, they wanted to create something energetic, aspirational, yet still relatable. Additionally, new competitors in the market posed a challenge—but their product applicators were so complicated they practically required a degree to use them. We knew through consumer research that complexity of use was an enormous barrier for men purchasing hair dye. So we wanted to draw attention to Just For Men’s intuitive product design and overall simplicity of use. 
We landed on the idea of storytelling through the unforgiving lens we’ve all become so familiar with - the Zoom call. How many times have you caught yourself distracted by the thumbnail in the top right of your screen and wondering, ”Have I always looked like that?” 
We identified the talented Brazilian director Rafael Kent for his playful use of camera work and passion for fast-paced story telling. The result is an invigorating journey designed to show men that there is a simple, two-step solution to the greys your computer has so rudely brought to your attention recently.
Director: Rafael Kent
Client: Just For Men
Production: Picture North
Editor: Adam Schwartz
Agency: AMP Agency
Creative Director: John DeGray
Copywriter: Reid Flynn
Producer: Carin Zakes
Executive Creative Director: Colin Booth
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