Welch's Juicefuls Campaign
The best origin stories are serendipitous. Like the compelling creations of Silly Putty, Post-Its, Slinkies, and Superglue, some of the best inventions came about through kismet. And when it comes to Welch’s Juicefuls, we’ll imagine an origin story that’s just as charmed. 
In the beginning, we attempted to achieve the impossible—to get even MORE fruit inside Welch's Fruit Snacks. Many attempts tried and failed. But when one snack was dropped by fate into a glass of juice, it led to something even better: a snack so fruit-filled, so juice-jammed, they needed to be named Juicefuls. Of course, the greatest origin stories are told with a bit of embellishment, so we might see a whimsical whirlpool or a giant juice vortex somewhere along the way. But it all makes for a legendary tale that’s just as fun as juice you can see and fruit you can taste!
Production: Feed Me Light
Producer: Jenna Winter, Liz Chapin
Client: Welch's Fruit Snacks
Agency: AMP Agency
Creative Director: John DeGray
Copy Writer: Addie Berger
Art Director: Kayla Schroter
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